Locations of Persons Named Moffat in the US

Persons name Moffat in the United States

Moffat   2,774

Moffatt  4,034

Moffet      853

Moffett  9,850

Total   17,511

Plus additional persons from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK, and others who are related to Moffat.

Local government could lead an effort to promote international family reunions in the location of the family origin - in this case the Town of Moffat.

The development of email and social networking makes it feasible to market a family origin tour at relatively low cost.  The Town would work with hotels, tourism agencies, and touring companies to set up a tour based in Moffat. The touring company would pick up the tour at the Manchester Airport and bring them back to Moffat. One day tours around the area would be conducted. Some meetings with local persons named Moffat would add interest.

A possible market penetration of from .5 to 1% of the total market might be possible. 

0.5% of 20,000 people = 100 people 

* 7 days *  £ 100 per day =  £ 70,000 into the local economy.

An additional optional week to ten day tour should also be offered for those who want to see more of the UK.

If this effort worked for the name Moffat it could also be employed with other names based in the region that have a large number of people of that name in the US.


The spellings recognised by the Chief of the Clan are:
Maffat      Maffatt     Maffet      Maffett     Maffit      Maffitt
Moffat      Moffatt     Moffet      Moffett     Moffit      Moffitt
Morfit      Morfitt     Morphat     Morphatt    Morphet     Morphett
Morphit     Morphitt    Muffat      Muffatt     Muffet      Muffett
Muffit      Muffitt